A - Ya magazine. Some texts and photos from ## 1, 2, 4, 5. Texts by Boris Grois ("Moscow Romantic Conceptualism"), Margarita Masterkova, Sven GUNDLAKH

AFTER PARTICIPATION By Marina Gerber, 19 September 2013

Marina Gerber. Promotionsprojekt: Collective Actions 1976-2012: The tension between labour and free time in the dissolution of Soviet art and aesthetics

Marina Gerber, Daniela Fugellie (Hg.) Das Wissen der Arbeit und das Wissen der Künste - (PDF)

Yelena Kalinsky. Drowning in Documents: Action, Documentation, and Factography in Early Work by the Collective Actions Group

Yelena Kalinsky. Collective Actions: Audience Recollections from the First Five Years, 1976-1981

Yelena Kalinsky. "Invisible Exhibitions: Performance & the Archive in Moscow Conceptualism"

Yelena Kalinsky. The View from Out Here: Western Conceptual Art in the Moscow Conceptualist Imagination

Yelena Kalinsky. Useless Actions and Senseless Laughter: On Moscow Conceptualist Art and Politics

Moscow Conceptualists Sergey Letov Tod Bludeau Andrey Monastyrsky Nikolay Panitkov Elena Elagina Vladimir Sorokin Sergey Bordachev Ilona Medvedeva Pavel Pivovarov (Peppershtein) Irina Pivovarova Vadim Zaharov Ivan Chuykov Silver Wings of Collective Actions Golden Sphere of Collective Actions  Nikita Alexeyev Ilya Kabakov Yury Leiderman Sergey Mironenko Vladimir Mironenko Erik Bulatov Eduard Gorokhovsky Nikolay Kozlov Sven Gundlah Vladimir Naumets

Photo taken after "M" action of KD (Golden Sphere and Silver Wings of "Collective Actions" (KD)): Andrei Monastyrskiy, Sergey Bordachev, Nikolay Panitkov, Pavel Pivovarov (Pasha Peppershteijn), Irina Pivovarova, Elena Elagina, Vadim Zaharov, Ivan Chuikov, Eduard Gorohovskiy, Erik Bulatov, Yuriy Leijderman, Sergey Mironenko, Nikita Alekseev, Il'ya Kabakov, Vladimir Sorokin, Vladimir Mironenko, Sven Gundlah, Vladimir Naumets, Sergey Letov, Nikolay Kozlov. 1984

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