REA NIKONOVA (1942 — 2014)

Curriculum Vitae

1942 - Anna Alexandrovna Tarshis was born in Eysk

1961 - graduated from Musical College in Sverdlovsk (piano - class of Isaac Zetel (the pupil of Genrih Neigauz)

1965 - organized an avant-garde group of poets and painters- experimentators "Uktusskaia Shkola" (1965-1974) and founded manuscript magazine "Nomer" (number, volume, issue);

1965-1967 - studied in Theater, Music and Cinema Institute

1971 - the first visual poems and ready-made poems

1973 - the first vacuum poems, the first poems-tables

1976 - book-art (book-halves, spiral books and books-..)

1978 - the first vector poems

1979 - founded avant-garde magazine "Transponance", mainly dedicated to experimental and visual poetry (36 issues till 1986; in that magazine participated Igor Behterev, Dimity Prigov, Vladislav Lion, Lev Kropivnitsky, Yury Leiderman, Konstantin Zvezdochetov, Ilya Kabakov, Boris Konstriktor and many others poets and artists of underground; since #28 magazine was released in the form of "Rea-Structures"; the most part of issues one can find at "Ruth and Marvin Suckner Archive of Visual and Concrete Poetry", USA)

1982 - gesticulation poems (the first public performances in 1984 in Leningrad at "Club-81",
since 1990 at avant-garde festivals in Smolensk, Tambov, Kiev, clubs in Moscow,

1984 - at International Sound Poetry in Berlin and at the festival "Polyfonix-26" in Budapest)

1983 - visual poems on disks (disk-poems), The Manifesto of Vandalism as Poetry Style, Manifesto of Coulinart as eatable poetry

1984 - a series of performances (in cooperation with B. Constrictor and Serguei Sigay) at Leningrad underground stage; action poetry (poems on bodies of audience, recitals with color loudspeakers, recitals with simultaneous picture illustrations)

1987 - the first participation at international exhibition of visual poetry in Mexico (other exhibitions and publication in catalogues: Poetry: new inscriptions, new ideas, Amadora, Portugal, 1988 - The first international Exhibition of visual poetry in Sao Paolo, Brazil, 1988 - Transfuror: visual poetry from Brazil, Soviet Union and German-language countries, Kassel-Berlin, 1990-1992; Visual poetry, Gotha Museum, Germany,

1990 - The third international exhibition of Visual Poetry, Melbourne, Australia, 1993 - Peace Poem/World Poem, Figuereda da Foz, Portugal,

1993 - International Visual Poetry, San Kilbda, Australia 1995 )

1989 - the first Russian prose publication: The Scotchman Trial, Trento, Italy: "Serge Sigay in Italy" Publication, 189 (the other publications in Chernovik, 1989, #1, ibid. 1992, #6, ibid. 1990, #4, 1991, #5, Credo, 1993, #1-2, Gumanitarnyi Fond, 1992, #42, Volga, 1995, #7, URBI, 1996, #8)

1991 - foundation of international limited (50 copies, 6 volumes) assemblage magazine "Double", dedicated to visual and vacuum poetry

(written by Rea Nikonova, 1996)

1998 - Laureat Andrei Bely for 1988 in the category "Merit". Since 1988 lives in Germany (Kiel).



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