BERMUDA, Bochum Action


In view of the web-cam on the site, S. Haensgen performed manipulations on two umbrellas – one purple, one blue. The umbrellas were laid out in the snow in different spots on a blocked-off area near the entrance to the complex “Bermuda” (city of Bochum). The arrangement of the umbrellas was agreed upon by mobile telephone with A. Monastyrski, who observed the action from Moscow through the site’s web-cam.

The action lasted approximately one half hour, starting at 1:00 pm (3:00 pm Moscow time). After which, S. Haensgen departed, leaving the opened umbrellas in the place of action.

The action was conducted as part of “Individual actions related to Trips to the Countryside” for the tenth volume of Trips to the Countryside. (Information about the main actions of Trips to the Countryside, starting in 1976, can be seen at the site

8 January 2009

Bochum – Moscow,

S. Haensgen, A. Monastyrski

Bermuda-1-13-00 Bermuda-2-13-06 Bermuda-3-13-18
Bermuda-4-13-24 Bermuda-5-19-00-9-1-fioletovije-figuri Bermuda-6-fioletovije-figuri-fragment