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A virtual action, done for S. Letov’s site. Like the element from the action "Intersection-2" (with the number 113 on a metal circle hung up in a tree), it is based on the series "CA Maps," in which numbered circles (the ordinal numbers of the actions) are inserted into Google maps (taken from space) in those places on the maps where the corresponding actions were carried out.

Here, a white circle with the number 118 (the ordinal number of the action in the list of CA actions) is placed: 1) on the Monument to Griboedov at the Chistoprudnyi Boulevard (Moscow); 2) on the city of Weimar (Germany); 3) on the Kremlin (Moscow); 4) on the city of Ravenna (Italy); 5) on the Pavilion of Rabbit Husbandry and the Hunting Pavilion at VDNKh [Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy, today the All-Russian Exhibition Center] (Moscow); 6) on the Williams Institute of Forages near the city of Lobnya.

When the computer mouse cursor is passed over the circles with the number 118 the following sequences of passages arise:

1. The Monument to Griboedov – the scene of an icon procession in the city of Tutaev, with a photo-button with the image of a fragment of the Gnadenkapelle [Chapel of the Miraculous Image] in Altötting (Germany) inserted into the bottom right corner – a collage in which the photo of the procession in Tutaev is inserted into a scan from a web camera of the autobahn near Mainz (Germany) – the site of this web camera.

2. Weimar – the photo of the circle with the number 113 from the action "Intersection-2" (autumn) – the same circle, taken in late autumn –the circle in winter – the circle in summer, photographed the day of the action – the site of the web camera of Thassos Island (Greece).

3. The Kremlin – the computer flash-game "Arena."

4. Ravenna – the a site of the Sirmione web camera (view of the lake).

5. VDNKh – the menu "Schizoanalytic Investigations of VDNKh," consisting of a black-and-white photo of VDNKh from 1985 (a view of the pavilion with the bull and the dome of the Space Pavilion) with four photo-buttons:

A) "The Bull" button – a scene of "worship" to the bull carried out by A.М. and N.P. in 1987 on the steps of the Meat Industry Pavilion (photo by S. Andre) – a fragment of video from S. Volkov’s birthday party made in 1987 in N.P.’s apartment on Malakhitovaya Street (S. Anufriev reading the "presentation" text to Volkov from V.S. and А. М. "Pyatihanie of the Sheep")

B) "The Vase" button (А. М. and N.P. beside a giant vase that used to stand outside of the "TECHNICAL TRAINING COLLEGE" pavilion, which subsequently burned down; photo by S. Andre, 1987) – a photo with the inscription: "Researchers of physical culture and sports," 1989 (M. Chuikova, S. Anufriev, A. М., and P. Peppershtein on a balcony on Tsandera Street, (photo by S. H.) – a portrait of V. Sorokin at the Pavilion of Physical Culture and Sport, (photo by А. М., 1987) – the soundtrack of А. М. reading Sorokin’s text, "Martin Alekseevich" in 1985 (audio player inserted into a map of the village of Barybino)

C) "The Rabbit" button (photo by S. Andre, 1987. А. М. getting the door seals (used in the work "The Tin") from the pedestal of a statue at the Pavilion of Rabbit Husbandry) – a photo of the same statue from 1987 – a soundtrack of Mamleev reading his story, «Letters to Katya», 1970s recording from I. Kholin's collection (Audio player inserted into a 1987 photo by А. М. of an "altar" with mannequins in fur coats from the Pavilion of Rabbit Husbandry)

D) "The Golden Ear" button (photo of a fountain at VDNKh) – a color photo from the1990s: view of the pavilion with the bull, the dome of the Space Pavilion, and the fountain "The Golden Ear of Wheat" – text by А. М. "VDNKh – The Capital of the World."

6 – There are two passages from this map: one from the inscription "Kievogorskoe Field" – photo of the action "The Third Variant – a frame from the film "The Seventh Voyage of Sindbad" with the image of the Cyclops – video fragment from this film (scene with the Cyclops).

The second passage from the number 118, located in territory of the Williams Institute of Forages: the buttons menu for four cartoon films made by M. Sumnina in 2000:

1) Williams with bunnies; 2) the action "The Third Variant" with a soundtrack; 3) "The Way of Hsuan Chien"; 4) "Mosquitoes" (the image of mosquito larvae taking off from А. М.’s diagram, "Coordinated Reality").

Additionally, in the commentary to action "118" are four photo-buttons that contain the following sequences of passages:

A) "The Hare" button (a photo taken by A.M. in 2000 of a poster of a hare inside the Pavilion of Rabbit Husbandry) – the "altar" of "Fur coats" from same pavilion in 1987, photo by A. М (full view of the "altar" wall; in the passage to Mamleev's soundtrack, only a fragment of this wall is shown)

B) "The Burned down Pavilion of Hunting (photo of the remaining statues and a heap of earth behind them, 2005) – a photo of this pavilion from the 1990s

C) "The Dante Mausoleum in Ravenna" button – photo of the Mausoleum of Theodoric in Ravenna – photo "А. М. in Theodoric’s Sarcophagus" (side view) –front view in the same place, (photo by S.H. 1994) – the article "The Mausoleum Placidia Galla" from Wikipedia

D) "Goethe’s and Schiller's Tombs" button – photo of Goethe’s and Schiller’s mausoleum and the Church of Mary Magdalene in Weimar (between them is the tomb of archbishop Sabinin) – photo of Sabinin’s tombstone – the Alaska airdrome webcam site.

The main page of the action "118" has a link to the page of "CA Maps," each of which has circles with the action numbers placed on them linked to the descriptive texts of the corresponding actions. In the same place is a link to "Additional Maps" of CA actions (26 maps) with links to actions. From the maps of "Prora" and "Butovo", in addition to the links from the circles to the actions, there are links to the corresponding articles in Wikipedia. On the "Losinyi Ostrov" map, there is a photo-button leading to a photo of a triangularly tower ("Losinoostrovsky Inspirator of CA in the 2000s").

Among all these maps is a map of "Dedovsk" where no CA actions ever took place. There are three links from here: from the word "Dedovsk" – to the page with a video frame from the action "Russian world" at the bottom of which is inserted an audio player with a soundtrack of this action: "the Train to Dedovsk Station…" (from a figure of a hare on this frame it is possible to get on that place in the Preface to Volume 10 where this soundtrack is described). The second link – from an action photo from "Russian world" (built into the map in a shape of "Laputa") – to the descriptive text of this action. From the third photo-button (the table with bugs) – to the entomological site: "Beetles and Coleopterologists."

"The additional Maps" were created especially for the action "118."