SLOGAN-2005. Photo of the performance by Collective Actions (KD)

105. SLOGAN-2005

In a forest clearing (the same site used for “Slogan-2003”) two trees were selected. An orange tilting doll was attached to a birch tree on the left hand side of the clearing using yellow Scotch tape and at the same height to a birch on a right side, a tape-recorder was attached (with orange Scotch tape).

The tape-recorder presented a 34-minute recording of “Diamond Sutra” delivered by A.M.’s voice. This text was a translation by E. A.Torchinov, (from the book “Psychological aspects of Buddhism”, Novosibirsk, published by Siberian branch of “Nauka”, 1986).

After seven people had arrived and listened to the recording, the tape-recorder was removed from the tree and it was replaced by a bundle of brushwood (this was attached across the tree trunk with violet and yellow ropes; the bundle consisted of branches that had been sawn off during the clearing of the area between the two birches and additional branches collected from the nearby forest).

Then a fishing-line was placed between the two birch trees – in the shape of a four-petal lotus (a five tathaghat Mandala) – 5 A4 sheets were suspended from this line. Each of these sheets contained scientific comments on the “Diamond Sutra” taken from the same book - “Psychological aspects of Buddhism” (pages 64-68).

Following this the factography (performance document) was handed to the viewers. These documents consisted of colour laminated photos on a fragment of a shop floor from an antique store in Tallinn (this also showed a yellow tilting doll in the centre of the image, with a framed painting entitled “Horse head” on the left, and a counting frame (abacus) on the right).

The installation with the orange tilting doll, the bundle of brushwood and the five laminated sheets were left at the scene of the action.

Moscow region, forest near Kiovi Gorky village

22. 08. 2005.

A. Monastyrski, N. Panitkov, S. Romashko, S. Haensgen, D. Novgorodova.

Viewers: U. Albert, I. Burii, V. Zaharov, U. Lejderman, M. Leykin, S. Sitar, M. Sumnina.

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