(For Makarevich, Elagina, Leiderman)

At the edge of a forest in Losinyi Ostrov (at the site of the 1981 trial run of the KD action “The Dark Place”), Leiderman was invited to be photographed holding a metal photo-frame containing, instead of a photograph, a black circle (the photo-frame itself was made in the shape of a pink peacock).
After this, a metal circle 70 cm in diameter with the white number 113 on a dark-green background (the number of the present action in the list of KD actions) was hung facing the water on a tree at the bank of the River Yauza.
Having walked downstream along the Yauza to an industrial bridge made of pipe (on which, in 1991, was hung the plaster rosette from action 62, “Rosette”), Leiderman and Sitar used a yellow cord to attach a white circle, also 70 cm in diameter, to the bridge above the middle of the river. One side of this circle was inscribed with the black number 62 and the other had glued to it a circular photo-collage with a photograph of Leiderman in Rogozhsky Cemetery at a gravestone inscribed with the words “Tishina MG” (year of death, 1962) pasted onto a photograph of the general view of the action “Rosette” from 1991.
Next, the group of participants moved to the location where action 65, “Presentation” for S. Anufriev, took place in 1992. There, Makarevich and Elagina were presented with two framed collages, 20 x 30 cm, consisting of screenshots from the computer game Wizardry VII, which AM played in 1993 and again began playing in May of this year, naming the members of his party “Zakharov,” “Leider,” “Panitkov,” “AM,” “Makar,” and “Elagina.”
The collage presented to IM consisted of a screen shot with a portrait bearing the attributes of the character “Makar” (11th level in the game), in whose inventory was pasted a photograph of Leiderman at the gravesite of “Tishina MG” and the number 62 in a white circle, and on the left a black and white photograph of the action “The Dark Place” with the number 25 (the ordinal number of the 1981 action “The Dark Place”) pasted in.
The collage presented to EE consisted of an analogous sheet with the image of the character “Elagina” (11th level) with the same photograph and number 65, and to the left of which was a different black and white photograph of the action “The Dark Place” with the number 25.
After the presentation of the collages, the group moved deeper into the forest, where a second metal photo-frame in the shape of a colorful peacock and inset with a circular image of a character from the game Wizardry VII (at one point in the game the character is called “Nirvana,” while in another, “Sphinx”) was attached to one of the trees. After which, Leiderman was invited to smear a long towel in mud from a small swamp located near the tree, and to wrap the photo-frame with it so that the frame became hidden beneath this dirty black rag.
Afterwards, on a hill not far from this tree, AM presented Leiderman with a map of the entire surrounding area from Google Earth (along the Yauza), with circular markers indicating the places and numbers of KD actions conducted there, and with a circle pasted in ahead of time with the number 113 in the place where, at the edge of the Yauza, the metal circle with this number had been hung.
In this way, two circles were left at the place of action – a green metal one with the number 113 at the edge of the river and a white one with the number 62 and the photo-collage above the river (on the bridge) – and the circular metal photo-frame “Peacock” with “Nirvana-Sphinx” beneath the black rag on the tree in the forest.

30 June 2008
Moscow, Losinyi Ostrov, along the Yauza

A. Monastyrski, I. Makarevich, E. Elagina, S. Romashko, Yu. Leiderman, D. Novgorodova, S. Sitar, Yu. Ovchinnikova

Map of the action

Google map of the action Intersection-2

Photos of the action

First stage - 1

First stage - 1

First stage - 2

First stage - 2

Second stage - 1

Second stage - 1

Second stage - 2

Second stage - 2

Третий stage - 1

Third stage - 1

Третий stage - 2

Third stage - 2

Третий stage - 3

Third stage - 3

Третий stage - 4

Third stage - 4

Третий stage - 5

Third stage - 5

Четвертый stage - 1

Fourth stage - 1

Пятый stage - 1

Fifth stage - 1

Пятый stage - 2

Fifth stage - 2

Пятый stage - 3

Fifth stage - 3

Пятый stage - 4

Fifth stage - 4

Пятый stage - 5

Fifth stage - 5

The Collages

Collage for Yelagina

Collage for Yelagina

Collage for Makarivich

Collage for Makarivich

Collage with Leiderman and Tishina М.Г.

Collage with Leiderman and Tishina