A group of about 20 participants, primarily Rutgers and Princeton University graduate students, had received email invitations on Rutgers Art History Department stationary and gathered at the intersection of George Street and Chapel Drive. Sabine Hänsgen (wearing a 9 x 13 cm laminated reproduction of the painting by O. Lagoda-Shishkina, "Girl in the Grass", as a badge hanging from her neck) copied from her flash-drive onto the laptops of three students the video recording of the action SUMMA, which had been created by a drone on the Nina Hagen field outside of Moscow, on October 2, 2015.

Then, Jane Sharp instructed the group to follow SH along the "sacred path" to Antilles Field behind Voorhees Chapel where the participants unfolded the violet cloth circle on the field, placing it just as it lay on the field in the action SUMMA.

The group gathered on the cloth and viewed the action of SUMMA on the laptops, after which Ye. Kalinsky began to read aloud her English translation of that event.

Then all the participants signed their names on the cloth and received a factographic object from the action: a laminated photo-document of the Moscow action, SUMMA.

A group photograph of the participants was taken on the portal steps of Voorhees Chapel. Video-documentation was created by Aki Sasamoto and her students from Mason Gross School of the Arts (Rutgers University).

It was also announced (by SH) that the group "Collective Actions" had proposed that the cloth be purchased for the Rutgers University museums for the sum (in dollars) of the exact amount inscribed on the cloth: 1204, and if this does not occur, it should be returned to Moscow.


New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA

September 10, 2016

Sabine Hänsgen, Andrei Monastyrski, Jane Sharp, Aki Sasamoto


(Translated by Jane Sharp)


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