THE ASSEMBLY, Bochum action THE ASSEMBLY, Bochum action. Sabina


Between the columns of a stone pavilion in the Hohenstein park, we hung up six black dresses on a red line. On the front side of each dress we attached photographs (10x15 cm). Four of the photographs we had shot the day before not far from the pavilion on top of the Berger monument and the other two in the pavilion itself. The back side of the dresses was decorated with cheap “gold” jewelry. On a stone pedestal in the center of the pavilion stood a cassette recorder playing the soundtrack of the Soviet film Aleksandr Popov from 1949 (directors: G. Rappaport, V. Ėisymont). Next to the cassette recorder was a photograph (13 x 18 cm) in a red frame, showing the fragment of the architectural decor of the radiostation “Kootwijk” (Netherlands). After completing the installation, the organizers climbed onto the Berger monument, returned to the pavilion, took the dresses down from the line, but left behind the playing cassette recorder and the photograph of the radiostation “Kootwijk,” and disappeared from the place of action.

Witten, “Hohenstein”

S. Hänsgen, A. Monastyrski