LOHENGRIN. For V. Zakharov, Bochum action. Photo 1 LOHENGRIN. For V. Zakharov, Bochum action. Photo 2


For V. Zakharov

The organizers of the event, S. Haensgen and A. Monastyrsky, rented a pedal boat shaped like a swan, after sending V. Zakharov with a video camera and radio transmitter to the shore of the lake (to a place from which he could not see the part of the lake where the organizers were boating). Before coming into Zakharov's field of vision, A.M. proposed (using a second transmitter handset) that he don a jockey helmet purchased prior to the event, remove from a special box and light up a marijuana joint (of the "White Widow" variety), and set the video camera to "record".

Upon reaching Zakharov in the swan and giving him the end of a rope, the organizers of the event attached the other end of the rope to the swan, paddled out from the shore to a distance of 30-40 meters, and began to inflate balloons and put them into a gold-colored blanket slip and pillow case. However, a sailboat soon moved in between the shore and the swan, caught on the rope, and tore it from Zakharov'z hands, towing the swan behind it across the lake until at last the rope was severed with scissors.

After inflating the balloons and putting them into the blanket slip and pillow case (pinned together with a safety pin), the organizers attached a string to the shapeless creation and let it down into the water.  Then they paddled over to Zakharov and gave him the end of the string. After they had paddled back to the same distance as before, Zakharov (by radio) was invited to pull the "creation" towards him on the string, pull it onto the shore, and puncture the balloons with a needle without removing them from the cloth casing (the pillow case and blanket slip).  This he did.

For V. Zakharov's other actions undertaken on his own initiative during the event, see Zakharov's story „First correction of the Collective Actions“.

S. Haensgen, A. Monastyrsky


 5. 6. 2000