AT THE LAKE. For Vadim Zakharov, Bochum action


For Vadim Zakharov

We asked Vadim Zakharov to stand on the shore of the lake in a position from where one could see through binoculars the other shore with a meteorological tower and a bench. Zakharov was to make a video recording, partly erasing a former subject (car traffic recorded from a bridge over the “autobahn,” not far away from the lake).

The plan of the action was that Zakharov would record us on video at the moments when we stopped and switch the video camera to “play” when we started to walk along the other shore of the lake.

Towards the end of the action, we unfolded in Zakharov's direction an enlarged photograph on which he could see himself in the back of a car with a video camera in his hand (the photograph was from 1990).

However recording was not realized as planned. The first half of the video consisted of a black square with the date of the recording, while the second half preserved the recording of the “autobahn.” The sound from Zakharov’s report about the journal Pastor was not recorded either.

October 2, 1991

S. Hänsgen, A. Monastyrski